1. Is there a cost to register or apply to jobs?

There is no cost for you to register or apply to jobs.

2. How do I quickly search for jobs on this site? I don't particularly want to go into every region.

To search for jobs, choose "Job Search" from the top left of every page.  The ecemploy Job Search is a complete solution to finding a job from the postings we have available.  You can choose the type of job (Teaching / Administrative etc.) and the subject area.  You can then narrow your search further by specifying region.

3. How up-to-date are the listings on this site?

Our site runs on a database system which enables employers to remove postings as soon as they are filled.  As sometimes an employer may forget to close a position that has been specified as "Open until filled", the process is not 100% reliable, however, in most cases the jobs you see here are very up-to-date.

4. Do I need to register to apply to jobs?

Yes, to apply to jobs and view employer information you will have to register with ecemploy. There is no cost to register or to apply for jobs. Once you are registered you will be able to upload your resume and other application documents as well as access other services that are provided to our registered users.  Being registered will also help you track the jobs to which you apply.

5. Is posting a resume free?


6. Can I upload my own resume?

Yes! You can upload your own Word or PDF resume. To upload your resume you must log into ecemploy.  Your resume file must be no larger than 512kB in size.

7. I can't upload my resume or other documents?

If you are experiencing issues uploading your resume there are typically a couple of reasons.

First, check the size of your documents.  There are size restrictions on uploaded documents.  No documents should be more than 512kB.  If you are getting a message that your file is too big try to optimise your document size.  For some ideas on optimising your Word resume click here. Click here to find out how to optimise a PDF document.

A second common problem is that your filename is not compatible with our database structure. If you have a space, too many characters (max of 16) or using non-alphanumeric characters you will get this type of error. This is easily resolved by simply renaming your file. Keep your filename simple without any non-alphanumeric characters. i.e.myresume.doc

If you still have issues uploading a document to your profile email us your documents so we can conduct further troubleshooting.

8. I have signed up for an e-mail alert, but I have not received any notices of new jobs via my email?

First thing you should do is log into ecemploy and check to see if your alert option is active.  In your e-mail programme do a search for "ecemploy job alerts."  If the search does not turn up anything check your e-mail programme's Junk or Spam folders.  Depending on your security and firewall settings the ecemploy alert e-mail can be easily blocked.  If you do not find your alert e-mail, look in your e-mail programme or firewall/security software's Help menu for adding a safe e-mail address.  Add “@ecemploy.co.nz” to your Safe E-mail list and this should ensure your alerts are delivered.  If you still have problems receiving your alerts click here to contact us.

9. I'm an employer and I'd like to list a vacancy on your web site.  What do I have to do and what is the cost?

Go here for more information.